AHDB's pork advertising campaign returns to 'feed the family for less'

AHDB's annual pork campaign returns this autumn to inspire consumers to embrace the meat
AHDB's annual pork campaign returns this autumn to inspire consumers to embrace the meat

A pig sector campaign aiming to spur on families across the country to purchase pork for 'quick, delicious and budget-friendly' meals will soon launch.

AHDB's 'Feed Your Family For Less With British Pork’ campaign returns this autumn to inspire consumers to embrace pork.

The campaign kicks-off on 2 October with the unveiling of the newly redesigned Love Pork website, featuring a collection of pork recipes.

The website will include educational sections on pork cuts and nutrition, highlighting the health benefits of eating pork as well as dispelling any myths.

Also kicking off on 2 October is AHDB’s collaboration with Tasty UK to engage the 18–25-year-old ‘Gen Z’ audience, by delivering recipes through social media channels.

The 'Love Pork Student Staples' series on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok will provide an element to connect with the younger generation and introduce them to the benefits of cooking with pork.

The campaign aims to reach 35 million consumers, with the autumn burst running from 23 October until 4 December, showcasing dishes priced under £1.50 per portion.

Advertisements featuring the campaign will be showcased online and on video-on-demand shows on Sky, ITV, and Channel 4.

Campaign materials can also be found in eight major supermarket chains, where signage in the aisles, along with on-pack stickers featuring QR codes, will be placed.

Carrie McDermid, AHDB’s head of marketing, said: “The campaign aims to inspire families across the UK to cook simple, quick, delicious and budget-friendly British pork meals.

“Showcasing the Love Pork logo with the Union flag and the Red Tractor logo, the new Love Pork website, launching on 2 October offers easy access to recipes that prove cooking with pork can be both affordable and exciting.

“Through our partnership with Tasty UK and engaging with Gen Z on social media, we aim to make cooking with pork accessible and enjoyable for the younger generation.”

This year, AHDB will include the term 'British' in its advertising after previous restrictions due to the EU State Aid Rules were removed.

Guidance on the new UK rules, as part of the Subsidy Control Act, was published earlier this year, opening the way for the change.