Campaign launched urging consumers to buy more British leeks

New promotional campaign to promote leeks launches
New promotional campaign to promote leeks launches

A new promotional campaign designed to encourage more consumers to eat fresh British leeks launches next week (1st November).

The campaign will highlight to consumers the new 2017/18 season, which runs from November to April 2018.

Backed by the Leek Growers Association, a collaboration of leek growers and seed companies, the initiative is designed to raise awareness of the nutritional and taste benefits of fresh seasonal British leeks.

The campaign will have a strong focus on the nutritional benefits offered by leeks.

In particular, recent research findings from the University of Colorado that demonstrate prebiotics – a type of dietary fibre which boosts levels of beneficial gut bacteria – could help improve sleep and relieve stress.

Leeks are one of the best natural sources of inulin, a type or prebiotic.

Tim Casey the British Leek Growers Association chairman adds: “Our campaign is designed to target a broad range of British consumers, from the affluent young professional to families and the health conscious.

“It aims to inspire and educate them about the benefits of eating seasonal, traditional British leeks and ultimately to drive trial and repeat purchase.”

More veg

On Tuesday (24 October), the British farming industry received a huge boost following the announcement that major companies have pledged to get Britain eating more veg.

Major companies have announced the plans to put more veg into every day food products at a UK-wide summit, with the backing of the likes of the National Farmers' Union and Soil Association.

Contract caterers are also making pledges, which will see more vegetables included in millions of meals.

Research shows that eating too little veg contributes to 20,000 premature deaths in the UK every year.

Data released by think tank The Food Foundation this summer showed that UK consumers are buying two thirds less veg than the amount recommended by health experts.