Campaign started to highlight significance of arable sector

Farmers will showcase the value of cereals to MPs during the campaign
Farmers will showcase the value of cereals to MPs during the campaign

The contribution of arable farmers to the UK economy will be broadcast to MPs and decision makers as the #YourHarvest campaign commences.

Farmers will help drive a productive cereals industry post-Brexit by inviting politicians out on farm this harvest and showing them first-hand the value of UK grain production.

This year’s #YourHarvest, spearheaded by the NFU, will also emphasise the potential for growth post-Brexit.

Grain production is an incredibly important part of day-to-day life, quite literally providing bread for tables.

The supply chain employs more than 43,000 people and contributes £3.5 billion to the national economy, and the grain produced forms the foundation of the UK food and drink industry.

Yet crops is currently one of the only areas of farming given no tariff protections if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

NFU combinable crops board chairman, Tom Bradshaw said cereals 'must not be overlooked' as Brexit discussions continue over the next few months.

“We want to see MPs working with farmers to develop an agriculture policy that enables us to capitalise on future opportunities; increasing productivity, delivering more for the environment, contributing towards our net zero aspirations and growing in value to the economy.

“All arable growers have a role to play by inviting their local MP on farm this harvest to show them why investing in the future of cereals is so important. We really do have a great story to tell, so let’s shout about it,” he said.