Far East holds 'opportunity' for British red meat and dairy

Asia offers a 'multitude of opportunities' for British dairy, red meat and potato producers
Asia offers a 'multitude of opportunities' for British dairy, red meat and potato producers

British meat and dairy exporters must look to the Far East and capitalise on the opportunities it presents for food and farming, a new report says.

With Asia experiencing extraordinary growth both in population and affluence, the region is widely regarded as a ‘hot spot’ for food exports.

A growing appetite for red meat, dairy and potatoes means there’s an abundance of opportunities for UK processors and producers.

The new report, launched by AHDB, takes an in-depth look at the Far East to ensure UK exporters make the most of existing and future market access deals.

It provides insight into consumer attitudes towards the food they eat, the changing demand for specific products and how Britain presents its offering on the supermarket shelves.

Co-author Steven Evans said: “Whether it’s pork to China, beef to Singapore or dairy to Japan, this new report gives exporters the information they need to reap the rewards of overseas trade.

“Asia is a vast and diverse region, offering a multitude of opportunities for dairy, meat and potato producers, manufacturers and exporters.

“Understanding our consumers in these far-flung corners of the world is imperative to make the most of these opportunities,” he said.

The report includes a mix of regional facts, an overview of where the UK currently has market access and future sales growth forecasts for meat, dairy and potatoes.

It picks out key consumer trends and highlights popular dishes and shopping habits alongside top tips for exporting to Asia.

It also takes an in-depth look at specific cuts and dishes, popular drinks and desserts as well as favoured frozen and snacking products – all of which provides insight into market trends and demands.

Key findings include the importance of focusing on product quality and food safety, manufacturing products specifically for Asian palates and flavours and getting the right on-pack messaging.