Footage shows major blaze engulfing crop field

(Photo: Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service)
(Photo: Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service)

Firefighters have tackled a large crop fire in Suffolk under 'extremely challenging conditions', it has been reported.

Seventeen fire appliances including a water carrier tackled the standing crop fire at Foxhall just outside Ipswich on Wednesday (17 July).

It is reported that around 35 acres have been destroyed because of the blaze.

A spokesman for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, said fires in the countryside can easily be started accidentally or even deliberately.

"A carelessly discarded cigarette can lead to a huge fire, where the results to wildlife and to a farmer's land can be devastating.

"Don't discard cigarettes in the countryside, don't leave any litter behind after a picnic or barbecue- including glass items, and do not light fires or barbecues in non-designated areas," he said.

Crews brought the fire under control and told the public to avoid Purdis Road and Hall Road.

Nigel Vincent, Group Commander South District, said: "We were called at around 2.15pm to a field fire on Purdis Road/ Hall Road, Foxhall.

"When crews arrived it was a well established field fire in the area behind me, approximately 20 acres.

"The fire was flamed by quite a stiff breeze which hastened the fire across the field."

Dan Kiddy, farm manager at Wm Kerr Farms, posted a video on social media of the fire.

He said 35 acres of barley were burnt following the incident, but 5 were saved.