NSA connects sheep farmers and students during lambing time

NSA’s Lambing List for 2015/16 is now open for business, with the intention of matchmaking farmers who need assistance at lambing time with agricultural and veterinary students required to undertake a lambing placement as part of their educational studies.

For a number of years now, NSA has provided this service which aims to assist members who are looking for help during the lambing season. It also forms part of NSA’s continued support for the next generation of sheep farmers and large animal vets, as the lambing list provides a mechanism for agricultural and veterinary students to get in contact with sheep farmers as they look for work experience placements.

Phil Stocker, NSA Chief Executive, says: “The Lambing List is part of NSA’s support for the next generation of sheep farmers and large animal vets, and is hugely valued by both the students and farmers who use it. It’s a very simple but effective process – we collate a list of NSA members looking for help at lambing time and provide contact details so students can approach them directly to ask for a placement. It’s a great service for our members, but also provides a boost for young people keen to get ahead. The list will be hosted on NSA’s Next Generation website, which is dedicated to young people – www.nsanextgeneration.org.uk students seeking the list will also find the online resource is packed with useful information about forging a career in the sheep sector.”

As the 2015/16 lambing list is now live, adverts from NSA members will be listed as they are received. Students seeking a lambing work experience placement should visit here. Members wishing to place an advert on the list should go here where a quick online application form can be filled out.

The online application will collect useful information such as whether experience is required, number of ewes to lamb, and if accommodation can be provided or not. Other useful information could include breed of ewes, lambing system and/or some brief information on farm set-up. Following membership conformation, adverts will appear on the NSA Next Generation website. Once placed, adverts can be taken down at any time by contacting NSA Head Office on 01684 892661.