Out-of-control dog leaves sheep with 'devastating injuries'

(Photo: North Wales Police Rural Crime Team/Twitter)
(Photo: North Wales Police Rural Crime Team/Twitter)

A police force has released photographs showing the moment an out-of-control dog attacked a sheep leaving it with 'devastating injuries'.

The incident happened on Friday (30 October) afternoon on farmland at Gresford Road, Hope, Wrexham.

North Wales Police Rural Crime Team has shared photographs of the sheep's injuries and the moment it was attacked.

"Another livestock attack with more devastating injuries, this time at 350pm last Friday," the team said on social media.

"We believe the dog owner was present but left the scene with the dog.

"At this stage we don't know sadly if the injured sheep will survive. Recognise the dog?"

Livestock worrying cost farmers £1.2m last year as irresponsible owners continued to allow dogs to roam free in the countryside.

Despite sharp falls in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, rises in England contributed to the continued high cost of attacks, NFU Mutual said.

“This confirms farmers’ fears that a significant number of dog owners are letting their dogs roam free unsupervised,” said Rebecca Davidson, rural affairs specialist at the rural insurer.

“Whether they don’t know or don’t care about the carnage their pets are causing, these dog owners are giving a bad name to the responsible majority who do keep their pets under control."