PGRO to modernise pea and bean variety data for 2020

The new format will replace a 'heavily yield-focused system', according to PGRO
The new format will replace a 'heavily yield-focused system', according to PGRO

The Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) will launch its first ever Descriptive List for pea and bean varieties next month.

The new format replaces the Recommended List which has been in existence for more than 35 years.

It will publish data on how prominent and novel pulse seeds have performed in independent trials.

PGRO chief executive, Roger Vickers said: “Recommended Lists were established around 50 years ago at a time when very little independent variety information was available.

“As the role of pulses in rotations has grown and evolved, we feel a Descriptive List is more in line with modern grower requirements."

The list will enable the ability to showcase to growers a wider range of varieties to suit different systems, according to PGRO.

The new format will replace a 'heavily yield-focused system', providing growers with independent data which encourages breeding innovation and market development.

Principal Technical Officer, Steve Belcher, who oversees the curation of the lists, said growers have seen a challenging year for all arable crops.

"We’re looking forward to presenting the data on how combining peas and winter and spring beans performed in our trials.”

Growers are invited to a free webinar on 19 November where the PGRO will explain the new look and review how varieties performed in 2020.

Pulses UK will also use the event to inform the sector of market developments ahead of the 2021 season.

The body's president, Lewis Cottey said: “The future of pulse crops looks extremely bright due to the growing need for an alternative break crop and the market demand for quality proteins.

“We’ll be using the webinar to reflect on some of those challenges and opportunities.”