Pig producers may soon have access to new vaccine range

The Dutch team could soon introduce the vaccinations to the UK market
The Dutch team could soon introduce the vaccinations to the UK market

Pig producers may soon have access to a new vaccine range, offering protection against diarrhoea and lung disease in piglets.

Introduced by Dutch animal health firm Kernfarm, the FIXR range brings a new wave of innovation to help control rotavirus, E. Coli and Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia.

“Each disease can have a significant impact on pig production and can quickly spread among piglets, compromising animal health, welfare and cost of production,” says Tim van Rijn, director at Kernfarm.

The new FIXR starter portfolio consists of two registered vaccines for pig producers in the Netherlands.

FIXR Rota Coli - the first registered vaccine in the Netherlands against rotavirus in suckling piglets with a unique combination of E. Coli and inactive porcine rotavirus type A serotypes.

FIXR APP 2,9,11 – for active immunisation of pigs from six weeks old to reduce the chance of lung lesions.

Kernfarm is the first to register this vaccine, for this specific serotype, in the Netherlands.

“The development of FIXR Rota Coli and FIXR APP 2,9,11 demonstrates Kernfarm’s ability to listen to challenges that livestock farmers and veterinary practices are faced with on a daily basis,” explains Mr van Rijn.

“We are working hard in order to respond to the changes within the livestock industry and are busy with a couple of registrations to introduce to the UK market.”

“The FIXR portfolio will expand rapidly with 10 new registrations in the first year, offering a positive boost for livestock farming.

“We invite UK farm vets to work with us to find long term solutions to product supply challenges.”