Protect your harvest with superior stack tarpaulin

These superior grade Stack Tarpaulins from McVeigh Parker are designed to ensure that bales can be safely stored outdoors without loss of quality, and if well looked after will give many years use.

The ’Performer’ range of bale tarpaulins are available in widths from 4.2m (14ft) up to 22.5m (74ft) and can cover stacks up to 17m (56ft) wide. Sheets are available in lengths of 14.3m (47ft) up to 18m (59ft). The tarpaulin itself is manufactured from high strength, UV treated polyweave fabric with 7-8 years UV protection. Each sheet comes as standard with ’hook-in’ adjustable securing straps, that use a unique ’Super Cinch’, which enables the sheet to be quickly and tightly secured using tie-down dropper ropes, the ’Super Cinch’ and ’J’ hooks.

In addition, incorporated into the hem of each tarpaulin are plastic pipe inserts, designed to keep the sheet rigid, and for the ties to pull evenly across the full width of the sheet, but still allow it to be quickly folded back in 1.2m (4ft) sections on itself and then re-tighted using the ’Super Cinch’. The hem also includes a rain flap that deflects water away from the sides of the stack.

* Poly-woven material with 2 layers of plastic on each side, making it very difficult to tear

* Heavy grade material - 271 gms/sq meter (8.0 oz/sq yard)

* Hem on each side with ridged plastic inserts approx. 1.06m (3ft 6in) long, leaving a gap of approx 30cm (12in) to allow the tarpaulin to be folded back on itself and re-anchored as bales are used

* ’Super Cinch’ tie down system fitted as standard

* ’J’ hook into anchor point, rope then passed back up through to the ’Super Cinch’ and pulled through the Wedge to lock it

* ’Super Cinch’ works like a lever, making it easy to apply 200-300 pounds pressure on each rope

* No tying - just pull tight

* As bales are used, simply fold each 1.2m (4ft) sheet section back between plastic inserts, hook the ’J’ hook in the anchor point and pull the rope tight to keep the tarpaulin secure

* Average life 5 years

* 2 years manufacturers faulty workmanship warranty

* A tight tarpaulin that is well looked after will give many years good service

The new ’Bull Flex’ range is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to the Performer range. It is easy to use, has a far longer life than many ’off the shelf’ tarpaulins and will last on average over three years if well looked after.

Instead of easily torn-out grommets used on cheaper tarpaulins, the ’Bull Flex’ is fitted with high strength triangular tabs and 5cm wide webbing tie-down loops. As an option, the ’Bull Flex’ tarpaulin can also be specified with the ’Super Cinch’ tie-down system used on the ’Performer’ range.

For extremely exposed sites or where maximum tie-down strength is required, along each side the hem is sown to create a pocket into which plastic water pipe can be inserted to provide increased rigidity. A webbing draw-string is also built into each end, which once tightened will help avoid wind getting under the tarpaulin.

* Each tarpaulin is 16m(52.5ft) long and available in widths from 4.20m(14ft) up to 10.6m(35ft)

* Heavy grade 237 gms/sq metre (7.0 oz/sq yard) silver/white 0.04mm thick material

* Tensile strength of 97kg

* Tied down using high strength 5cm wide webbing loops feeding through triangular reinforming tabs at 90cm intervals. Around 300% stronger compared to conventional grommets

* Option of ’Super Cinch’ tie down system

* Pocket sown into side hem through which water pipe can be threaded for greater tie-down strength

* Average life 3 to 5 years

* Under stack webbing or rope

* End hem incorporates seat belt webbing draw-string

* 2 years manufacturers faulty workmanship warranty

* A tight tarpaulin that is well looked after will give many years good service

This is a brand new product from McVeigh Parker for more details including prices contact our Kent depot on Tel: 01622 891095 or look at www. Delivery available throughout the UK.