Public urged to take part in 2021 Farmhouse Breakfast Week

The events aim to raise thousands for charity while promoting local food
The events aim to raise thousands for charity while promoting local food

The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) is once again preparing for one of its key events - the annual Farmhouse Breakfast week - running from 18 to 24 January.

Under normal circumstances, union officials would sit around farmers' kitchen tables with their friends, family and neighbours across Wales.

The initiative encourages farmers and those in the wider industry to share their thoughts, worries, concerns and anything else on their mind.

Last year, dozens of breakfast functions helped raise over £15,000 for farming charity the DPJ Foundation.

But given the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the usual way of running the campaign is not an option for 2021.

The FUW is instead encouraging the public to get involved with breakfast week this year, by purchasing locally sourced breakfast ingredients and then sharing photos and videos of themselves with their breakfast through social media, using the hashtag #breakfastweek2021.

The union's President Glyn Roberts said: “We have joined forces with butchers, farm shops, cafes and other retailers across Wales to help spread the word about the fantastic produce that is available right on our doorstep.

“The ethos of sitting around the kitchen table to enjoy the wonderful produce our farmers produce from eggs, cheese, bacon, sausages to butters and yoghurts etc, is still very much doable at home with our closest family.

"We hope many of you will support this campaign and take time out to enjoy the wonderful, sustainably grown, breakfast food we have on offer here in Wales.”

The campaign is hoping to raise funds for the DPJ Foundation by asking consumers to make a small donation alongside their breakfast produce purchase.