Walker agrees to pay vet's bill after dog attacks sheep

Police have renewed a warning to dog owners after sheep were severely injured
Police have renewed a warning to dog owners after sheep were severely injured

A dog owner has agreed to pay the vet’s bill in full after his dog seriously injured sheep in North Yorkshire.

Police have issued another warning to the general public after the sheep were severely injured in Dunnington, York.

On Monday 8 February, a husky type dog ran through a hedge and into an electric fence into a field, and attacked two sheep.

One suffered a severe leg injury, and the other fled until it collapsed with exhaustion.

According to North Yorkshire Police, the cost of treatment could run into hundreds of pounds.

Officers attended, and, with the agreement of the victim, issued a community resolution – as part of which, the dog owner will cover the cost of the vet’s bills.

PCSO Caroline Saville, of North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Taskforce said: “With lambing season approaching, it’s more important than ever that all dog owners take responsibility for their animals.

“I can’t emphasis enough how vital it is for dogs to be on leads and under control when walking near livestock, and kept securely when at home.

"The last thing farmers need right now is to have to deal with their sheep being attacked and seriously injured or worse – not to mention the economic impact on their livelihoods.”

The cost of dog attacks on livestock increased by over 10 percent to £1.3 million last year, according to new figures.

In Ireland, farmers are taking matters into their own hands by refusing land access to dog walkers following a string of horrific attacks in the country.