Win £1000 off your next fertiliser order

Win £1000 towards your next GrowHow fertiliser order
Win £1000 towards your next GrowHow fertiliser order

Quality fertiliser is the key to yield and that holds true whether it’s applied to grass, other forage or arable crops so this great prize of £1000 towards the farm’s next GrowHow fertiliser bill, must be worth trying for.

And, the good news is that it is not difficult to enter. Simply call onto a GrowHow stand at one of the following events:

• Cheshire Ploughing Match 24 September

• All Wales Ploughing Match 27 September

• The Dairy Show 1 October

• The Welsh Dairy Show 14 October

• CropTec 19-20 November

• LAMMA 2015 21-22 January

During your visit ask one of the GrowHow team about the Prize Draw and complete the simple questionnaire.

Because GrowHow is the UK’s only producer of the leading brand Ammonium Nitrate, Nitram and a full range of true granular compound fertilisers, a visit to one of the GrowHow stands also gives farmers and advisers access to some unique fertiliser expertise.

This expert knowledge combined with an in-field team of regional farm advisers has allowed the company to develop a practical range of services to help farmers use fertilisers effectively and efficiently. The newest of these, N-Min for maize, will feature prominently at the autumn and winter events.

Livestock and arable farmers alike can benefit from this new service which measures soil nitrogen. N-Min for maize is an extension of the well-established service for cereals and oilseed rape. Uniquely it provides an accurate assessment of the total amount of nitrogen the crop will be able to get from the soil over the full growing season.

Maize has become a staple forage crop for many livestock enterprises and, with more and more arable farmers beginning to grow it as a biofuel, this introduction is very timely.

The unique patented N-Min measures both the amount of nitrogen in the soil at the time the sample was taken (the SMN – Soil Mineral Nitrogen) and the AAN (Additionally Available Nitrogen). AAN is the amount of N that will become available over the season through mineralisation – the turnover of organic N to make plant available N. In this way, it allows farmers and their fertiliser advisers to calculate nitrogen requirements to achieve optimum crop yields. GrowHow’s N-Calc system has also been updated to include maize alongside wheat, barley and OSR so that N-Min results can readily be converted into field recommendations.