Crops and Cereals news around the UK

23 May 2019

Farmers aim to grow UK's first viable organic OSR crop

23 May 2019

Organic oilseed rape is 'notoriously difficult' to grow

Switching to plant-based diet 'not as simple as previously thought'

17 May 2019

Protein replacement poses major challenges, research says

Researchers fear 'watered down' UK pesticide legislation

16 May 2019

Analysis shows 'silent erosion' of UK pesticide regulation post-Brexit

British strawberries hit shelves early due to warmer weather

15 May 2019

British strawberries now on shelves in abundance

New plant secures Norfolk farmers' ties to Colman's Mustard

15 May 2019

Local farmers will keep supplying the iconic brand

Rising prices and reduced costs see profits for arable farms

14 May 2019

Average profits more than doubled in last two years

Monsanto ordered to pay $2 billion to US couple with cancer

14 May 2019

Monsanto has suffered its biggest blow yet

Verticillium wilt disease ratings 'one step closer'

13 May 2019

Potential now exists to produce verticillium disease ratings

Gove proposes to relax woodpigeon shooting legislation

10 May 2019

Michael Gove may relax shooting legislation

Defra approves trials set to extract oils out of GM plants

10 May 2019

Scientists want to develop a sustainable source of omega-3 oils

Project looks to improve control of downy mildew and blight

8 May 2019

Downy mildew is an aggressive and pernicious crop disease

Global map of manure to help farmers better utilise phosphorus

8 May 2019

Food production hinges largely upon access to phosphorus fertiliser

Emergency authorisation granted for sugar beet insecticide

7 May 2019

The emergency use was applied for by British Sugar and NFU

The winter weather window that is costing UK rapeseed growers millions

6 May 2019

This mere 1-degree rise costs UK rapeseed growers £16m

US government reaffirms safety of glyphosate

3 May 2019

Environmental Protection Agency reaffirms no risk to public health

Beet variety joins Recommended List with highest sugar content

1 May 2019

BTS 4100 has the highest sugar content of any sugar beet variety

British potato stock levels down 13 percent after extreme weather

30 April 2019

Growers faced an uphill challenge with extreme weather

No economic benefit from ‘chasing’ fungicide resistant septoria

29 April 2019

No significant economic benefit from increasing azole or SDHI dose

Unexpected septoria levels in winter wheat variety Cougar a ‘one-off’

25 April 2019

Infection appear to have been limited to a specific variety of winter wheat

Concerns over Xyella rise as Defra reminds public about plant diseases

25 April 2019

Any Xylella outbreak would lead to destruction of plants and crops

Farmers adopting 'water savvy techniques' as drought possibility looms

24 April 2019

The recent dry weather is driving ‘water savvy’ farming

Green groups resign from government pesticide bodies over 'inaction'

24 April 2019

Groups say wildlife suffering 'alarming declines' because of pesticide use

Bid to extend use of metaldehyde slug pellet products unsuccessful

17 April 2019

Slugs are a significant pest for agricultural and horticultural crop

EU Parliament’s pesticides committee 'reached wrong conclusions', UK MEP says

15 April 2019

EU's PEST Committee reached 'wrong conclusions and disregarded key evidence'

Farmer grows daffodils 1000ft above sea level to help tackle Alzheimer's

14 April 2019

The company produces 20 kilos of galantamine per year, helping Alzheimer’s patients

French court rules Monsanto is liable for sickness of farmer

12 April 2019

The farmer said he began experiencing memory loss while using the product

New fertiliser made by used batteries to launch in UK

12 April 2019

This fertiliser is made using old alkaline batteries

New herbicide option for outdoor sunflowers

11 April 2019

Weed control in outdoor sunflowers relies largely on pre-emergence products

Online map to help cereal farmers find their closest flour mill

10 April 2019

The interactive map aims to support cereals farmers

French farmers destroy 18,000ha of rapeseed due to GMO contamination

9 April 2019

Traces of a GMO variety were found in batches of seed sold in Europe