6 November 2015 | Poultry | 5707 views

SEPRA Market Report 6th November 2015

The market, a lot of people saying their egg stores are pretty well empty, so the eggs have gone somewhere, 1 comment is they have been throwing them at each other at Halloween!!!
Prices are verging on going up only 4 weeks for peak pricing and 6 weeks to peak demand, Continental prices are starting to move and there has been a big increase in imports especially to Southern England.
The shortage of Small Free Range is moving up to Medium now, all it needs is the media to pick up on the fact that there might not be enough Free Range for the Christmas market and publicise the fact and there really would be white shelve space, followed by some better prices from the supermarkets.
On that same subject we have been expecting news from France of cases of eggs or sacks of poultry muck being fired through supermarket central office windows ballista style, or the odd trailer load of mucks back door accidently opening in the carpark as can happen, but nothing, so perhaps the threat is working!
We all know that national egg sales have been increasing, but just by how much is surprising, especially by the younger generation of consumers who are very health and fitness conscious and realise the benefits and value of eggs in their life, they have been the main target of the British Egg Information Service for the last 2 years in particular with excellent information and recipes, try them and recommend them to your customers you know it makes good business sense and it is free.