Online retailer Ocado unveils UK's largest 'buy British' section

Online retailer Ocado says its new 'buy British' section is the largest of its type to date
Online retailer Ocado says its new 'buy British' section is the largest of its type to date

Online retailer Ocado has launched a new section of its website dedicated to highlighting British produce, following a push by MPs and farmers.

Solely showcasing produce from UK farmers and growers, the virtual aisle offers the public a way to support the farming industry, Ocado confirmed today.

Unlike other supermarkets which can include products manufactured in the UK with ingredients from around the world, Ocado’s aisle exclusively features products both grown and produced locally.

In total, the online aisle will offer over 800 items all year round, including fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy products.

Ocado says this is the largest 'buy British' section of any supermarket to date.

It comes as food security and sustainability are simultaneously rising up the political agenda, with supermarkets being urged to make it easier for customers to select homegrown products as they shop.

A recent open letter to retailers was signed by over 120 cross-party MPs, which called for an online filter signposting shoppers to UK-grown produce to help the nation's struggling farmers.

Amit Chitnis, chief commercial officer at Ocado Retail, said: “Our Best of British aisle comes in response to rising demand from our customers for more homegrown produce.

"We’re proud to have gathered a range of over 800 quality products that are British all year round in an easy-to-shop aisle on site spanning fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy.

"Where we can, we will always try to source locally as our first choice whenever possible."

In December 2023, Morrisons became the first major supermarket chain to add a 'buy British' tab to its website.

Sainsbury's and Aldi followed, with both announcing a 'buy British' section to their websites in a bid to help shoppers support British businesses.

Tom Bradshaw, who is NFU's new president, welcomed the latest move, as the public "wants to buy more British food".

“I am delighted that Ocado is backing Britain’s farmers with the launch of its ‘British Aisle’, showcasing a range of more than 800 home-grown products for online shoppers.

"This simple but effective change will enable Ocado shoppers to do just that, enjoy some of the best produce out there and support our farmers whilst they shop.”