Renewables and Environment news around the UK

24 April 2019

Farmers slam Natural England's decision to revoke bird control licences

24 April 2019

The NFU has 'significant concerns' over the 'abrupt withdrawal' of the licenses

Huge moorland fire in Yorkshire 'started by barbecue'

24 April 2019

National Trust said it is 'devastated' to see such destruction

Farmers aim to reverse habitat decline on Welsh common land

23 April 2019

Bracken encroachment is a major problem on the 2500 hectares of common land

New guide helps farmers cope when water supplies are cut

18 April 2019

Livestock businesses are acutely dependent on a reliable supply of water

Report urges banks to reward sustainable farming more

17 April 2019

Banks should reward farmers who farm sustainably, report says

Survey aims to shine light on conservation work by gamekeepers

16 April 2019

It aims to gain an understanding of benefits game management contributes to UK

Severe weather cost Scottish farmers £131m in 2018

13 April 2019

Sheep farmers suffered the biggest losses of £45m

Over 100 pesticides detected in 29 European waterways, including UK

10 April 2019

A Belgian canal contained 70 pesticides, the study shows

Innovative tech uses chicken manure to generate power for Scottish farm

10 April 2019

Chicken manure fires a bed biomass boiler which in turn generates power

Farmers pitch ideas to improve biodiversity as part of £100k fund

8 April 2019

The highest scoring applicants will receive funds to support their projects

Inquiry looks at threat to UK from non-native invasive species

5 April 2019

Farming and horticultural sectors are among areas affected by invasive species

Young farmers awarded for innovative ideas on environmental matters

3 April 2019

It included ways to prevent cattle from drinking from rivers to avoid damage

Inventor develops 'toilet for cows' to reduce ammonia emissions

2 April 2019

The system, called the 'CowToilet', ensures that the urine stays separated from the manure

Farmer slams decision to prosecute him following nest disturbance case

1 April 2019

Paul Barnes has spoken about the 18 months of 'stress' and 'outrage' he experienced

Farming 'part of the solution' to climate change, MSPs told

28 March 2019

Farmers can present a net benefit on emissions if given more support

EU approval secured for renewal of nitrates derogation in NI

28 March 2019

This includes the removal of the ban on the use of Urea chemical fertiliser

French farmers claim cows are dying due to turbines and solar panels

28 March 2019

In the Brittany region farmers have reported losses of hundreds of cows

NI farmers flag 'unacceptable' ammonia measures

26 March 2019

A union has criticised DAERA for using a “sneaky, back door approach”

1,400 farmers take part in record-breaking Big Farmland Bird Count

26 March 2019

A total of 30 red-listed species were recorded in the initiative's sixth year

Grant launched for farmers to tackle floods in Herefordshire

26 March 2019

The grant will pay for the construction of features such as leaky woody dams

UK poultry giant Moy Park commits to tackling use of plastics

25 March 2019

Moy Park plans to reduce its overall usage of packaging by 5% year-on-year

Take water-related issues seriously, NFU tells government

25 March 2019

The NFU highlighted how farming has been impacted by volatile weather events

Scotland’s natural capital worth £273 billion

25 March 2019

In 2015 the asset value of Scottish natural capital was an estimated £273bn

NI farmers 'continue to carry burden' of water charges

22 March 2019

NI Water’s announced it will increase charges by 2.7 per cent, calling the move 'necessary'

Two-thirds of farmers experiencing shortages after 2018 drought

21 March 2019

The NFU survey shows the scale of continuing drought impacts on farmers

Lab-grown meat could be on UK shelves within 5 years

21 March 2019

Lab-grown meat could be on UK supermarket shelves soon

Water for food should be classified as an 'essential use', Defra told

21 March 2019

Water for food production is 'equal in status' to water for public supply

Welsh govt launches consultation on environment post-Brexit

20 March 2019

The consultation seeks views on how environmental governance can be improved

Govt may get powers to vary or revoke farmers' abstraction rights

20 March 2019

These powers could be used if there is 'environmental harm' from abstraction

Dairy farmers 'outraged' at pan-Wales ‘NVZ’ type regulations

17 March 2019

The FUW Milk and Dairy Produce Committee described the plans as 'outrageous'