Forestry news around the UK

14 April 2020

Tree planting could lead to land use and habitat loss, report warns

14 April 2020

Tree planting schemes need 'rigorous monitoring'

Farmers urged to make most of Woodland Carbon Scheme

6 April 2020

The initiative generates extra income

Scheme helps Shropshire farmers plant 4,000 trees

27 March 2020

4000 trees planted by farmers in new project

Farmers asked to help plant 'national forest' in Wales

12 March 2020

It will cover the 'length and breadth of Wales'

100 trees planted on farms to show agroforestry benefits

10 March 2020

Project will be used for research purposes

NI pledges to plant 18m trees over next ten years

3 March 2020

10 trees for every person in Northern Ireland

New study shows gamekeepers' environmental contributions

21 February 2020

1,000 gamekeepers show their green credentials

NFUS president calls tree planting initiatives a 'distraction'

7 February 2020

He also highlighted food production concerns

Concerns over impact of tree planting on farm tenants

17 January 2020

National Trust wants to plant 20m trees

National Trust to plant 20 million trees over ten years

10 January 2020

It is one of the UK's biggest woodland projects

New study shows willow trees could optimise lamb production

9 January 2020

Willow trees have high concentrations of cobalt and zinc

Noble Fir could be profitable diversification for farmers

25 November 2019

Farmer discovers opportunities in the sector

Climate change: Young farmers to plant 9,000 trees

14 November 2019

Young farmers as young as 10 to join in

£50m scheme to encourage farmers to plant trees

4 November 2019

Govt scheme to help farmers be more green

Sheep farmer plants 50,000 trees to secure farm's future

26 September 2019

The trees will provide a new income stream

Unique farming technique brings splash of colour

6 August 2019

Wildflowers are now blooming

Trees on farms 'can boost productivity by 30%'

30 July 2019

Planting trees can boost farm productivity

NI's Forest Expansion Scheme reopens for applications

10 July 2019

It has provided more than £2m of grant aid

Farmers asked to help plant more than 50 million trees

30 May 2019

Woodland Trust will contribute up to 85% of the costs

HS2 Woodland Fund injects further £4m into projects

12 March 2019

Further targeted grant funding will be available to support woodland planting and restoration schemes within a 'green corridor' alongside th...

#ProtectYourFuture campaign to see young farmers plant trees

19 February 2019

Young farmers are being encouraged to support the environment in their local communities through a new tree planting initiative. The new ...

Farmers plant over 1,700 trees on land to combat flooding

18 February 2019

Farmers have helped plant over 1,700 trees on farmland to naturally slow the flood of surface water in times of flood. Farmers and enviro...

Scots landowners to benefit from 'streamlined' forestry grants

11 January 2019

The Scottish Government will streamline the process for forestry grant payments in a move to encourage more small scale landowners to take u...

Online calculator developed for farmers to cut ammonia emissions

11 December 2018

A new online calculator has been developed to help farmers and others to design woodlands to capture airborne ammonia and so reduce air poll...

Farmers worry major afforestation plans could drive families off the land

6 December 2018

Major afforestation plans by the Welsh Government could drive 1,400 farming families off the land, Welsh farmers have warned. New proposa...

RICS calls for more farmer support to help tackle flooding

27 November 2018

Landowners can help prevent flooding by planting trees in upland areas to act as a buffer and slow down the flow of water, but will need mor...

'Fundamental reform' of UK land needed to combat climate change

15 November 2018

Current uses of land in the UK "must change" to help remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, the Committee on Climate Change ha...

Groups unite in plea for long-term funding to be included in Ag Bill

30 October 2018

Rural-based organisations and farm groups have united in their call for a solid Government commitment to long-term funding in any new post-B...

'Forestry Investment Zone' to help Cumbria landowners create woodland

23 October 2018

A project called the 'Forestry Investment Zone' has been set up in Cumbria to help landowners and farmers create new woodland. The Zone h...

Farmers urged to take advantage of grants to increase woodland

27 September 2018

Low rates of tree planting and ambitious Government targets have made the climate favourable for landowners to take advantage of grant schem...