Pig news around the UK

26 April 2019

Dangers of feeding waste to pigs highlighted on Jeremy Vine Show

24 April 2019

Feeding waste to pigs is both ‘illegal and highly irresponsible’

Amazon advert showing pig eating kitchen scraps raises eyebrows

18 April 2019

Swill feeding has been illegal in UK since 2001 and EU since 2002

One of world's biggest pig industry events cancelled due to ASF concerns

15 April 2019

World Pork Expo 2019 has been cancelled out of an 'abundance of caution'

Pig sector concern over 'unsustainable' feral boar numbers in Forest of Dean

9 April 2019

Number of feral boar in Forest of Dean's ‘core area’ now around 2,000

Pig sector expresses frustration as prices fall despite buoyant markets

4 April 2019

AHDB said the disappointing prices might be linked to Brexit uncertainty

Scientists to investigate how bird and swine flu jumps species

1 April 2019

Researchers are also developing GM-chicks to be resistant to flu

Four cases of Swine Dyesentery confirmed on UK pig farms

25 March 2019

Cases of Swine Dysentery have been confirmed in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire

3,000 piglets loose after lorry over-turns in US

25 March 2019

Around 3,000 piglets escaped the lorry in the US state of Illinois

2018 heatwave takes toll on UK pig herd performance

22 March 2019

The challenging weather conditions last year have taken their toll

3D tech which detects emotional state of pigs could benefit farmers

19 March 2019

Facial recognition technology aims to detect emotional state in pigs

Importance of non-EU trade highlighted as UK ships record number of pig meat

16 March 2019

UK pig meat exports have also got off to a flying start to 2019.

Defra hoping for quick resolution to UK 'no deal' export status

13 March 2019

A big concern for farmers is that Brexit could result in an embargo on exports to EU.

Farmer left 'frightened and intimidated' following mass vegan protest

6 March 2019

A farmer has been left 'frightened' and 'intimidated' after around two hundred vegan activists protested at her pig farm. Campaigners fro...

Pig industry seeks legal action after mass protest at Lincs farm

5 March 2019

The National Pig Association is liaising with the police and seeking legal advice after 200 vegan activists stormed a Lincolnshire pig farm....

'Great British' pork snack brand faces criticism after sourcing outside UK

4 March 2019

British pig farmers have highlighted their 'thorough disappointment' to learn that a 'Great British' pork brand has been using imported ingr...

Farmer claims mass vegan protest caused death of two pigs

4 March 2019

Around 200 vegan activists from across the UK who descended on a pig farm over the weekend caused the death of two piglets, the owner claims...

Scottish pig industry unites to eradicate endemic disease

27 February 2019

The Scottish pig industry are working together to fight a debilitating and costly disease first seen in herds in 1992, becoming the single m...

Over 450 jobs at risk as major meat plant faces closure

26 February 2019

More than 450 jobs are at risk at one of the UK's largest meat processing companies which supplies retailer Marks and Spencer. Tulip Ltd,...

Campaign to remove ‘pig out’ from dictionary shortlisted for award

18 February 2019

A campaign to remove terms like ‘Pig out’, ‘Porker’ and ‘Eat like a Pig’ from the dictionary has been shortlisted for a major PR award. T...

45 countries still use animal growth promoters, report says

15 February 2019

New figures show the use of antimicrobials for growth promotion has declined from 60 to 45 countries since the last round of data collection...

'This darker form of animal rights activism is a serious concern'

14 February 2019

A form of animal rights activism which is 'darker' and 'more insidious' is a 'serious concern' for pig producers, a leading industry figure ...

'Increasing political appetite' to improve live animal transport

13 February 2019

The UK’s leading veterinary association is urging the government to put welfare 'at the heart' of any decision-making with regards to moving...

Tinder-style app 'Tudder' lets farmers choose livestock breeding matches

12 February 2019

Farmers have introduced a Tinder-style app, called Tudder, that lets them find breeding matches by viewing photos of livestock with details ...

Pig sector urges government to refrain from 'unfair' Brexit tariff regime

11 February 2019

The government could cause 'untold damage' to the British pig sector if it waives tariffs and checks on imports in the event of Brexit no de...

Just one welfare incident can 'blight' entire pig sector, group says

7 February 2019

It takes only one or two isolated animal welfare incidents on pig farms to put a 'blight' on the entire sector, according to the National Pi...

New report looks at Brexit challenges across UK farming sectors

2 February 2019

A new report released by AHDB presents a new insight into the potential impacts on trade in agricultural and horticultural goods once the UK...

Three farm workers plead guilty to abusing pigs on farm

1 February 2019

Three men have pleaded guilty to animal cruelty offences after they were filmed kicking pigs in the face and head in over 100 incidents. ...

Europe's largest pork producer cuts up to 400 UK jobs

30 January 2019

Europe's largest pork producer Danish Crown has announced that it will cut between 300 and 400 jobs, with most of them based in the UK. T...

5-year action plan to set new targets controlling antimicrobial resistance

25 January 2019

The government has launched its 5-year action plan to set new targets on containing and controlling antimicrobial resistance in the farming ...

Farmers to up ante with warnings to public on risks of feeding pigs

24 January 2019

British pig producers have been encouraged to put up signs telling people not to feed the pigs due to risk of spreading African swine fever....