Pig news around the UK

14 June 2019

Sow stall use to crop up at Tesco's AGM

13 June 2019

The practice has been banned in the UK since 1999

US free trade deal could be 'disastrous' for UK pork sector

7 June 2019

A UK-US deal could dilute pig sector standards

Pig industry sees antibiotic use drop for third year running

31 May 2019

Critically important antibiotics has also seen a decrease

Poultry demand grows on back of African swine fever

31 May 2019

Global growth in poultry demand strengthened by swine fever

UK pork producers 'losing millions each month'

29 May 2019

Farmers are losing money on every pig they produce

Latest price increase an 'insult' to UK pig producers, group says

24 May 2019

The UK pig industry continues to 'lose millions'

UK genetics company Genus to develop virus-resistant pigs

20 May 2019

It will help develop PRRS-resistant pigs for China

Man dressed as giant chicken helps boost pork sales

15 May 2019

The disgruntled chicken helped boost £12m in sales

New vaccine can immunise wild boar against ASF

14 May 2019

African swine fever is currently ravaging parts of Europe and Asia

#MuckFreeTrucks aims to keep livestock lorries free of diseases

10 May 2019

Keeping lorries clean helps battle livestock diseases

Tesco urged to drop use of sow stalls in its Thai operations

9 May 2019

Sow stalls were banned in the UK in 1999

Amazon agrees to change ad after pig industry pressure

7 May 2019

The ad features a boy feeding kitchen waste to a pig

UK pig producers 'furious' at 'dismal' prices amid buoyant market

3 May 2019

Other countries see price hikes on back of soaring Chinese demand

UK pig sector 'frustrated' with prices as competitors see gains

30 April 2019

UK pig producers are 'rapidly losing patience' with low prices

School which teaches meat production under fire from activists

30 April 2019

The school rears pigs as part of efforts to teach the food chain

Around 80 pigs die in North Yorkshire barn fire

26 April 2019

The cause of the fire is currently unknown

Dangers of feeding waste to pigs highlighted on Jeremy Vine Show

24 April 2019

Feeding waste to pigs is both ‘illegal and highly irresponsible’

Amazon advert showing pig eating kitchen scraps raises eyebrows

18 April 2019

Swill feeding has been illegal in UK since 2001 and EU since 2002

One of world's biggest pig industry events cancelled due to ASF concerns

15 April 2019

World Pork Expo 2019 has been cancelled out of an 'abundance of caution'

Pig sector concern over 'unsustainable' feral boar numbers in Forest of Dean

9 April 2019

Number of feral boar in Forest of Dean's ‘core area’ now around 2,000

Pig sector expresses frustration as prices fall despite buoyant markets

4 April 2019

AHDB said the disappointing prices might be linked to Brexit uncertainty

Scientists to investigate how bird and swine flu jumps species

1 April 2019

Researchers are also developing GM-chicks to be resistant to flu

Four cases of Swine Dyesentery confirmed on UK pig farms

25 March 2019

Cases of Swine Dysentery have been confirmed in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire

3,000 piglets loose after lorry over-turns in US

25 March 2019

Around 3,000 piglets escaped the lorry in the US state of Illinois

2018 heatwave takes toll on UK pig herd performance

22 March 2019

The challenging weather conditions last year have taken their toll

3D tech which detects emotional state of pigs could benefit farmers

19 March 2019

Facial recognition technology aims to detect emotional state in pigs

Importance of non-EU trade highlighted as UK ships record number of pig meat

16 March 2019

UK pig meat exports have also got off to a flying start to 2019.

Defra hoping for quick resolution to UK 'no deal' export status

13 March 2019

A big concern for farmers is that Brexit could result in an embargo on exports to EU.

Farmer left 'frightened and intimidated' following mass vegan protest

6 March 2019

A farmer has been left 'frightened' and 'intimidated' after around two hundred vegan activists protested at her pig farm. Campaigners fro...

Pig industry seeks legal action after mass protest at Lincs farm

5 March 2019

The National Pig Association is liaising with the police and seeking legal advice after 200 vegan activists stormed a Lincolnshire pig farm....