Finance news around the UK

26 April 2019

Dairy farmers urged to utilise more grazed grass to cut costs

25 April 2019

There is a 'very strong link' between grass utilisation and profit

Sainsbury's-Asda merger blocked after food price concerns

25 April 2019

The CMA said the merger would reduce product quality and rise prices

26-year-old farmer to climb UK mountains to raise mental health funds

25 April 2019

The farmer will climb the UK’s highest mountains in just 72 hours

Scots farmers urge UK govt to give £190m farm divided to Scotland

25 April 2019

Govt chose to share the £190m across UK rather than just Scotland

Arla's milk price to remain unchanged for May 2019

24 April 2019

Arla's conventional milk price for May 2019 will stay unchanged

Farmers aim to reverse habitat decline on Welsh common land

23 April 2019

Bracken encroachment is a major problem on the 2500 hectares of common land

Over £50,000 raised for Lincolnshire's farming community

23 April 2019

An annual dinner raised thousands for the local rural community

Farming couple set to become 'homeless' after council sells farm

22 April 2019

The farmers have been running a business on the council-owned farm since 2001

Agri-food sector now worth £122bn to UK economy

19 April 2019

Data shows agri-food sector increased from £113bn to nearly £122bn in 2017

'Less than 1% of population own half of England's land' leads to calls for new tax

19 April 2019

Labour MPs have used the statistics to call for the introduction of Land Value Tax

Health and safety breach fees increase 20 percent for farmers

18 April 2019

Fee increase highlights importance of safety-first approach on farms

Deadline nears for chance to win £2,750 travel bursaries

18 April 2019

Farmers aged 21 to 34 have the chance to take up the opportunity

Farmers urged to raise working capital by refinancing equipment

17 April 2019

Farmers have been urged to raise working capital by refinancing equipment

Report urges banks to reward sustainable farming more

17 April 2019

Banks should reward farmers who farm sustainably, report says

Business receives £1m bridging loan to complete large farmhouse

16 April 2019

The business wants to complete the development of a large farmhouse

Lower costs drive profits on UK's top dairy farms, report shows

16 April 2019

The report shows a significant variation in cost between dairy farms

Livestock worth £1.2m were savaged by dogs last year in UK

15 April 2019

Livestock worrying attacks can result in horrific and often fatal injuries

Big ambitions for small rural community as they apply for £500k grant

15 April 2019

They want to team up with farmers and encourage sustainable practices

Severe weather cost Scottish farmers £131m in 2018

13 April 2019

Sheep farmers suffered the biggest losses of £45m

Annual dinner raises nearly £9,200 for Staffordshire farmers

12 April 2019

The charity has given out £24,600 to farming people in Staffs this year

Recent tribunal raises issues over new telecoms code

12 April 2019

CTIL proposed a single payment of £26 to the landowner for rights sought

Farms would see profit drop of over £16,000 in 'hard Brexit' scenario

12 April 2019

New Brexit study shows need for farmers to take action to ensure prosperity

Rural economic growth set to outpace urban post-Brexit, study says

11 April 2019

However, it highlights that farming stands to be affected significantly

Farmers told to be vigilant in face of increasingly sophisticated fraud

11 April 2019

There is a 'real threat' from fraud that can be 'devastating' for farm businesses

Prime cattle market showing early signs of recovery

11 April 2019

Prime cattle prices in the UK have seen a modest lift over the past week

Almost £13m-worth of second-hand machinery sold in Q1 2019

10 April 2019

Stock levels at sales increased by 31 percent in Q1 2019

Risk of diseases transmitted by dogs to livestock highlighted

10 April 2019

There are ways farmers can reduce dog-to-livestock diseases

NFU raises concerns over delayed 2017 payments to 4,000 farmers

9 April 2019

The union said it is 'unacceptable' that farmers await 2017 payments

Scottish farmers in remote areas to receive loan payments worth £24m

9 April 2019

Less favoured area loan payments are currently underway

Flytipping is ‘tightening financial squeeze’ on farmers as latest figures revealed

8 April 2019

More than 3,000 farm flytipping incidents were reported in England last year