Poultry news around the UK

26 April 2019

Eggs labelled 'irreplaceable' amid rising plant-based protein sales

23 April 2019

The humble egg can adapt and survive the vegan movement

Thousands of Moy Park staff to vote for potential strike

16 April 2019

The union will be balloting members over 'unreasonable management demands'

Innovative tech uses chicken manure to generate power for Scottish farm

10 April 2019

Chicken manure fires a bed biomass boiler which in turn generates power

Public bin 720m eggs a year due to over-reliance on 'best before' dates

9 April 2019

This wastage has cost £139 million since 2008

Temporary closure at Moy Park plant 'another blow' to farmers

5 April 2019

The firm will temporarily halt a key production line at its poultry plant

Scientists to investigate how bird and swine flu jumps species

1 April 2019

Researchers are also developing GM-chicks to be resistant to flu

Ionophore use in poultry sector stirs concern with AMR campaigners

31 March 2019

Campaigners fear it could cause resistance to antibiotics important for humans

UK poultry giant Moy Park commits to tackling use of plastics

25 March 2019

Moy Park plans to reduce its overall usage of packaging by 5% year-on-year

'Flexitarians' help drive growth in organic eggs

15 March 2019

'We think organic shoppers are motivated by health and are ahead of the game in managing their diet'

Govt is 'trampling on good work' egg industry has done to raise standards

14 March 2019

The govt is 'trampling over all the good work' the industry has done to raise animal welfare.

Up to 3,000 hens 'gang up' and kill fox on French school farm

14 March 2019

'There was a herd instinct and they attacked him with their beaks'

Farmers and celebrity chefs to raise profile of mixed weight eggs

12 March 2019

Farmers have asked the public and celebrity chefs to help raise the profile of medium and mixed weight free range eggs to support what hens ...

Large farms and high stocking densities 'bring increased risk of salmonella'

12 March 2019

Large farms and high stocking densities bring increased risk of salmonella spread in layer flocks, according to a scientific report for the ...

'Billions' of non-UK battery eggs could flood market after Brexit

11 March 2019

A 'no deal' Brexit risks putting 'billions' of battery eggs back on the shelves unless the government acts to protect consumers, the egg ind...

Waitrose commits to improving broiler welfare

5 March 2019

Waitrose is the latest UK retailer to commit to a significant improvement in broiler chicken welfare across its entire supply. The superm...

British egg industry demands protection from cheaper imports

5 March 2019

Egg industry leaders have demanded that British farming standards must be maintained despite growing pressure from US trade negotiators. ...

'Crushing blow to farmers': Outrage over proposal to reduce RHI tariffs

28 February 2019

Northern Irish farmers have spoken of their outrage over government proposals to reduce Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariffs. The Ulste...

Dutch farmers' leader warns UK of cage-free egg production

22 February 2019

A Dutch egg farmers' leader has warned British producers about the potential dangers of switching to cage-free production. All major reta...

Stronger deterrents needed for food fraud crimes, egg industry says

13 February 2019

The egg industry is calling for stronger deterrents for food fraud following the news that a Dutch egg trader convicted of fraudulently sell...

Free range egg supplies rise amid over-production warning

9 February 2019

Supplies of free range eggs increased by nearly 11 per cent last year, with the industry again warning about the threat of over-production. ...

Better biosecurity key to reducing antibiotics on Welsh poultry farms

30 January 2019

A poultry vet says strict on-farm biosecurity combined with vaccination will help Welsh egg and broiler producers continue the downward tren...

New calculators available to help permitted pig and poultry farmers

17 January 2019

Pig and poultry farmers will soon be able to demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules using two new calculators, free of charge. ...

Agriculture's fastest growing industry finds gross imbalance in supply contracts

17 January 2019

The free range egg sector is seeking to reform supply contracts between farmers and packers after lawyers found terms of agreements are gros...

Egg photo becomes most liked image on Instagram ever

15 January 2019

An egg, posted to the Instagram account world_record_egg on January 4, has become the most liked image on Instagram, racking up more than 40...

New ventilation system to help poultry welfare in hot weather

19 December 2018

A prototype for a new poultry ventilation system has been created with the aim of improving the welfare and production of broiler chickens. ...

Free range egg industry reiterates over-expansion warning

11 December 2018

The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) has re-stated its warning about over-expansion after bird numbers surged by a mill...

'Cheap, lower-welfare food': Renewed warning over post-Brexit deal with US

10 December 2018

A leading academic has issued a renewed warning that a post-Brexit trade deal with the United States could result in the UK being flooded wi...

Tech developed to prevent culling of one-day-old male chicks

7 December 2018

Technology has been developed in Germany to prevent the culling of one-day-old male chicks. The first eggs produced by hens that have bee...

#BuyMyTurkey: Farmers and public celebrate buying local this Christmas

7 December 2018

Farmers are being urged to take to social media today to share messages of why buying local is important during the festive period. To ra...

Bird flu strain could overcome vaccines and infect humans, scientists warn

6 December 2018

Scientists have warned that a strain of avian influenza could potentially overcome vaccines and infect humans. A team led by the Pirbrigh...