Poultry news around the UK

18 July 2019

Boris Johnson signals possible ban on live exports

12 July 2019

He called it a 'really terrible business'

Group calls for tax on lower welfare eggs

10 July 2019

The group is calling for higher taxes on eggs

Farmers blame EU for 'sacrificing' poultry industry

5 July 2019

EU agrees 180,000t of additional meat from Mercosur

Activists film 'horrifying conditions' at Moy Park farms

26 June 2019

Moy Park is one of the UK’s biggest chicken producers

Oversupply a concern for Welsh poultry sector

21 June 2019

Caution urged around growth in Welsh poultry despite demand

Report shows importance of tariffs to egg industry after Brexit

17 June 2019

Egg industry has urged govt not to open up the UK market

Egg producers criticise critical labour after Brexit list

14 June 2019

British Egg Industry Council has urged govt to ignore the list

Chlorinated chicken should be offered in UK, US ambassador says

4 June 2019

'Entire economy' including agriculture 'on table' in trade talks

Poultry demand grows on back of African swine fever

31 May 2019

Global growth in poultry demand strengthened by swine fever

Lidl introduces method of production labels on chicken

31 May 2019

The move aims to combat consumer confusion over meat

Family's plan to build free-range unit rejected for second time

24 May 2019

The Woosnams' wanted to diversify to sustain their family

Green light given for Snowdonia's largest ever poultry farm

23 May 2019

The farm will be roughly the size of a football pitch

Awards look to celebrate farmers in free range egg sector

21 May 2019

Nominations open to select free range egg heroes

UK barn egg numbers surge by nearly 40 percent

16 May 2019

It comes as the deadline for the switch to cage-free looms

Egg producers see finance squeeze amid 'out of sync' market

12 May 2019

Egg prices were down by more than 2% in 2018

35 poultry farms in Belgium affected by bird flu

10 May 2019

The virus is 'harmless' to human health

British poultry farmer killed after plane crash in Canada

7 May 2019

Alan Simpson ran one of the largest poultry farms in UK

Sainsbury to stop selling barn eggs in 2020

26 April 2019

Clarification sought after Sainsbury's said it could abandon barn eggs

Eggs labelled 'irreplaceable' amid rising plant-based protein sales

23 April 2019

The humble egg can adapt and survive the vegan movement

Thousands of Moy Park staff to vote for potential strike

16 April 2019

The union will be balloting members over 'unreasonable management demands'

Innovative tech uses chicken manure to generate power for Scottish farm

10 April 2019

Chicken manure fires a bed biomass boiler which in turn generates power

Public bin 720m eggs a year due to over-reliance on 'best before' dates

9 April 2019

This wastage has cost £139 million since 2008

Temporary closure at Moy Park plant 'another blow' to farmers

5 April 2019

The firm will temporarily halt a key production line at its poultry plant

Scientists to investigate how bird and swine flu jumps species

1 April 2019

Researchers are also developing GM-chicks to be resistant to flu

Ionophore use in poultry sector stirs concern with AMR campaigners

31 March 2019

Campaigners fear it could cause resistance to antibiotics important for humans

UK poultry giant Moy Park commits to tackling use of plastics

25 March 2019

Moy Park plans to reduce its overall usage of packaging by 5% year-on-year

'Flexitarians' help drive growth in organic eggs

15 March 2019

'We think organic shoppers are motivated by health and are ahead of the game in managing their diet'

Govt is 'trampling on good work' egg industry has done to raise standards

14 March 2019

The govt is 'trampling over all the good work' the industry has done to raise animal welfare.

Up to 3,000 hens 'gang up' and kill fox on French school farm

14 March 2019

'There was a herd instinct and they attacked him with their beaks'

Farmers and celebrity chefs to raise profile of mixed weight eggs

12 March 2019

Farmers have asked the public and celebrity chefs to help raise the profile of medium and mixed weight free range eggs to support what hens ...