Government and Brexit news around the UK

29 May 2020

NFU backs calls to grant farmers access to gene-editing tech

28 May 2020

MPs want to ditch 'damaging' EU rules

Public back farmers during Covid-19 crisis, survey says

25 May 2020

British consumers feel positive towards farming

MPs call for Ag Bill to boost precision breeding post-Brexit

24 May 2020

Group urges government to back amendments

Govt warned not to 'sacrifice' UK food standards for trade deals

22 May 2020

Farm vets have written to the House of Lords

Beef farmers call for more focus on UK food security

21 May 2020

Food and farming 'never been more important'

MP saw 'no particular reason' to back Ag Bill amendment

21 May 2020

MP criticised for lacklustre response to farmer

Defra told to 'work harder' to get payments out on time

20 May 2020

'No excuse' for scheme payments to be delayed

MPs urged to back farmers as Trade Bill returns to Commons

20 May 2020

UK at 'make or break moment' for British farming

Current tariff levels for agri-food goods to be maintained

19 May 2020

Government unveils UK’s new tariff regime

Farmers look to Lords to protect production standards

16 May 2020

MPs voted down critical amendment in Ag Bill

Farmer concern over UK plan to cut tariffs on US agri imports

15 May 2020

Liz Truss reportedly planning 'big concession package'

MPs reject Ag Bill vote to protect UK farmers' high standards

14 May 2020

Industry anger over failure to protect standards

MPs urged to back British farming as Ag Bill enters final stages

13 May 2020

Farmers say Bill should be amended to protect them

Egg producers call on government for Brexit tariff protection

12 May 2020

Egg industry bodies call for more support

Farmers urge MPs to debate next crucial stage of Ag Bill

9 May 2020

NFU launches 'Write to your MP' tool

Scottish govt told to be 'more ambitious' in Brexit farm policy

7 May 2020

MSPs voted to progress farm bill to stage 2

Coronavirus: Farmers call for Ag Bill to be 'strengthened'

6 May 2020

UK food security must be 'better protected'

US 'must conform' to UK food standards as trade talks commence

5 May 2020

Farmers reiterate need to protect standards

Dairy farmers fear shortage of migrant workers post-2021

30 April 2020

Dairy producers fear diminished workforce

Coronavirus: Govt urged to pause Brexit farming policy plans

29 April 2020

Tenant farmers call for 'period of reflection'

Growers raise concerns over future viability of British oilseed rape

29 April 2020

Farmers seeking 'effective alternative' to neonics

Government expected to unveil hardship fund for dairy farmers

28 April 2020

Possible payments for impacted dairy farmers

MPs raise concern over 'long term damage' to UK food production

27 April 2020

MPs seeking Covid-19 assurances from govt

NFU Cymru urges 'repurpose' of Rural Development resources

27 April 2020

Union calls for urgent RDP review

Coronavirus: Furloughed employees urged to take up farm work

27 April 2020

British people encouraged to work on farms

Coronavirus: NFU calls for delay in BPS payment reductions

21 April 2020

Delay to agricultural transition period 'needed'

Coronavirus: Dairy farmers urged to submit daily accounts of losses

21 April 2020

Data will help government create support

Farmers to have greater say on AHDB's future direction

20 April 2020

New proposals on future of levy board

Welsh farmers 'dismayed' over £500m Covid-19 fund ineligibility

20 April 2020

Farmers call for 'urgent review' of fund eligibility

Coronavirus: NFU holds dairy sector crisis meeting with government

15 April 2020

Union lays down key asks of government