Tractor made from 62 bales wins 'wheat art' competition

Cambridgeshire farmer wins annual competition

'Short-term thinking' is 'ruining' tenant farm sector

'Short-term speculation' is having a bad effect

Farmer leaves £1m in will to Norfolk hospital

It will help fund a new cancer centre

Four goats 'randomly killed' at Sheffield farm

Police are now investigating the crime

UK record after 1903 vintage tractor sold for £328k

The iconic Ivel sets a UK auction record

Trial shows 'superfood' for bees increases crop yield

The sweet formula could make bees stronger

New survey probes dairy industry's labour issue

Call to take part in dairy labour survey

UK public at risk from 'pesticide cocktails', claims report

It says a quarter of all food consumed contains them

Major boost in Scotland's breeding sow numbers

Pig sector grows to largest in almost 10 years

Duynie's mission to provide sustainable feed solutions in UK

The company is on a mission to help forward-thinking farmers

Prince William highlights his 'passion' for farming

New documentary shows his family's farming passion

'Public goods': Upland farmers demand to know value of sector

Govt urged to value the 'public goods' produced

UK labour shortage leaves tons of fruit to rot

Brexit uncertainty hits UK growers

UK to export beef to China after deal approved

Beef could be exported by Christmas

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