Meat news around the UK

23 May 2019

Vegan doctor group 'misunderstand' meat and cancer link

21 May 2019

Vegan medics get it wrong on meat advice, expert says

Scots farmers needed for new campaign 'Meat with Integrity'

20 May 2019

Industry urged to back 'Meat with Integrity' campaign

Vegan doctor group calls on hospitals to ban bacon

20 May 2019

The vegan doctors have launched #GiveBaconTheBoot

Switching to plant-based diet 'not as simple as previously thought'

17 May 2019

Protein replacement poses major challenges, research says

EU agrees Brexit package of £43m for Irish beef farmers

16 May 2019

Irish beef farmers fear price losses as a result of UK leaving EU

Man dressed as giant chicken helps boost pork sales

15 May 2019

The disgruntled chicken helped boost £12m in sales

One in ten children choosing not to eat meat, survey shows

14 May 2019

10 percent of British children shun meat

£1.4m campaign to reignite consumers' love of lamb

10 May 2019

The campaign wants to put lamb back on people's plates

Let people eat red meat as much as they want, Norway's health minister says

8 May 2019

The minister said she will not tell people how to live their lives

Farmers increasingly producing meat to highest specification

7 May 2019

Welsh farmers are meeting the mark and keeping it lean

NI farmers urge beef processors to increase prices for cattle

2 May 2019

Beef price losses 'could not remain the norm'

Farmers help produce burger with one of world's most expensive meats

2 May 2019

The Scotch Wagyu burgers come from Japanese breeds reared in Scotland

Welsh Water removes meat-free message after backlash

1 May 2019

Welsh Water urged people to go meat-free to 'save water'

Farmers criticise Ofwat for 'misrepresenting' UK beef production

30 April 2019

A tweet encouraging people to go meat-free backfired

British public cutting back 'too much' on red meat

30 April 2019

Brits are 'mistaken' about how much fresh red meat they should be eating

School which teaches meat production under fire from activists

30 April 2019

The school rears pigs as part of efforts to teach the food chain

Farming family diversify into goat meat as demand increases

26 April 2019

Goat meat makes up around 60% of the red meat consumed worldwide

Increase in number of sheep illegally butchered in fields

26 April 2019

80 sheep have been butchered in fields in Warwickshire alone

Easter and Brexit delay strengthens prime sheep market

24 April 2019

But despite this, producer prices remain 10-15% lower than last year

Cross-continental marketing drive for Welsh Lamb and Beef

23 April 2019

Welsh farming 'resonates strongly' in the global marketplace

Majority of Scots concerned about impact of veganism on farming

20 April 2019

The Scottish public feels strongly about protecting its farming industry

No 'consistent evidence' to suggest red meat causes cancer

18 April 2019

There are a 'range of other factors' which have an impact on cancer risk

'Rubbish, sensationalist': Reactions to 'rasher of bacon a day' cancer risk study

17 April 2019

Some social media users reacted with disdain toward the news

Prime cattle market showing early signs of recovery

11 April 2019

Prime cattle prices in the UK have seen a modest lift over the past week

Scotch Beef PGI advert hits cinema screens

5 April 2019

This advert is part of the £500,000 ‘Know Your Beef’ campaign

EU could rename vegan burgers under new food labelling proposals

5 April 2019

‘Veggie discs’ could replace veggie burgers under new proposals

Scottish suckler beef support payments totalling £40m commence

4 April 2019

These payments aim to boost farming businesses' cash flow

NI suckler cow numbers lowest since 1988 as farmers receive low prices

4 April 2019

Farmers fear this trend will escalate until they receive a fair price

Aldi launches six native cattle breed burgers to support Scots farmers

2 April 2019

The new range of burgers will champion Scotland’s native breeds

Great British Beef Week encourages public to buy local

1 April 2019

Key theme will celebrate that beef forms part of world's most popular dishes