Sheep news around the UK

26 April 2019

Increase in number of sheep illegally butchered in fields

26 April 2019

80 sheep have been butchered in fields in Warwickshire alone

Frozen semen trial could 'fast-track' improvement in flock genetics

24 April 2019

The method could allow sheep farmers to improve flock genetics

'All wool that ends wool': Sheep in Essex river swims to safety

24 April 2019

'We think it had come down for the day from Baa-king'

Easter and Brexit delay strengthens prime sheep market

24 April 2019

But despite this, producer prices remain 10-15% lower than last year

Young farmer first to win NZ's shearing championships since 1991

23 April 2019

Henry Mayo has made history in the showpiece competition in NZ

Farmer who first started shearing age 10 to represent England

18 April 2019

Adam said he never imagined shearing would lead to representing England

Deadline nears for chance to win £2,750 travel bursaries

18 April 2019

Farmers aged 21 to 34 have the chance to take up the opportunity

Over 200 sheep stolen from Dorset farm

17 April 2019

Each sheep is valued at £95, bringing the total loss to over £20,000

Competition launched to showcase 'exceptional quality' of British wool

16 April 2019

The competition is designed to showcase the quality of British wool

Walker captures moment unknown man rescues sheep on cliff edge

15 April 2019

The unknown man was photographed by a passerby

Sheep sector seeks government support over fresh 'no-deal' Brexit concerns

15 April 2019

The UK is the third largest sheep meat exporter in the world

Severe weather cost Scottish farmers £131m in 2018

13 April 2019

Sheep farmers suffered the biggest losses of £45m

Farmers highlight abundance of 'green water' in Welsh farming

11 April 2019

'Green water' is where requirements are adequately met by rainfall

Video: 65 sheep rescued from cliffs after livestock worrying incident

11 April 2019

The sheep were on cliffs around 70-80m high and had spread over a wide area

Risk of diseases transmitted by dogs to livestock highlighted

10 April 2019

There are ways farmers can reduce dog-to-livestock diseases

Livestock worth £2.5m stolen in 2018 as large scale thefts increase

10 April 2019

Farm animals worth £2.5m were stolen in 2018

Pregnant sheep shot and killed in North Yorkshire

8 April 2019

The sheep has died from her injuries along with her unborn lambs

Release of 60 sea eagles approved despite farmer concern

4 April 2019

It is understood there will be no compensation in the event of stock loss

Sheep stranded on cliffs due to livestock worrying incident

3 April 2019

The operation to save the sheep could take a few days

Farmers urged to test livestock for liver fluke

1 April 2019

Experts say to test livestock this spring to see if there are adult fluke present

Farmers to help preserve uniqueness of North Ronaldsay sheep

1 April 2019

The unique sheep breed have genetically adapted to their seaweed diet

'Huge financial cost' to farmer as thieves steal 50 lambs

1 April 2019

Two lambs were found dead as a result of the theft

Two £2,750 travel bursaries open for young sheep farmers

28 March 2019

The bursaries will support two young farmers, aged between 21 and 34

New shearing guidance gives tips to promote best practice

22 March 2019

The guide explains responsibilities so that every step is 'well-planned'

'Enough is enough': Farmer considers quitting after suspected arson attack

22 March 2019

Due to the severity of the incident, he is now considering walking away from farming

Farmers urge public to keep dogs under-control this spring

21 March 2019

With lambs now in fields, farmers say it is 'imperative' that dogs are under control

'Worst thing we have ever seen': 17 sheep killed after suspected dog attack

20 March 2019

The farmer describes it as the 'worst thing they have ever seen'

Five new Strategic Farms needed to improve livestock businesses

19 March 2019

There are already 11 farms participating in the programme

Ram sperm frozen for 50 years used to impregnate 34 ewes

19 March 2019

The samples taken from four rams are described as the 'world's oldest known viable semen'

United Utilities issues warning after spate of dog attacks on sheep

15 March 2019

According to United Utilities, the problem of sheep worrying has got 'significantly worse'