Grassland news around the UK

24 November 2020

Paddock grazing helps farm capture two thirds of milk from forage

11 November 2020

Welsh farm improves grassland management

Rotational grazing boosts grass quality without need to reseed

26 October 2020

Organic farm getting more performance from grass

Measuring grass helps farmer boost animal performance

18 September 2020

GrassCheckGB programme helps Scottish farmer

Hill farm aims to boost soil carbon levels by 1% annually

17 September 2020

Farm unlocks production potential of grassland

Dairy farm to cut annual fertiliser nitrogen input costs by £40k

6 August 2020

Grassland farmers to reduce nitrogen input

Paddock grazing helps utilise grass growth during drought

31 July 2020

Paddock grazing helps Scots farming couple

Invasive rushes 'spreading' in upland farms, scientists say

10 June 2020

Rushes 'threaten' livelihoods of hill farmers

Impact of dry weather felt on Welsh livestock farms

29 May 2020

Dry weather impacting grass growth

Project looks at how electrophysical weeding can cut chemical use

10 January 2020

Dairy farmers take part in new project

Yorkshire farmer wins national Excellence in Farming award

25 November 2019

He has been praised for his grass management

Controlling docks could improve grass dry matter by over 10%

25 October 2019

Docks are a damaging weeds for grassland farms

Co Down man wins this year's Grassland Farmer of the Year

24 October 2019

Event looks at UK's best grassland farmers

Princess Anne learns about grass-fed beef on Scottish farm

23 October 2019

The 100-ha farm welcomed royalty this week

Farmer grows multi species leys to boost soil health

16 September 2019

Andrew Rees reseeded 5.7ha in spring

Farmer fortifies business with climate-smart grasses

21 June 2019

Grass and crop choice ensures profitable and efficient business

Not all meat has same environmental footprint, report says

5 June 2019

Animals that are fed only grass are 'part of the solution'

Managing grass could help farmers exploit changing meat market

24 May 2019

Managing grazing will become ever more important

Centenary of Welsh plant breeding boosts grass yields for farmers

23 May 2019

100 years of plant breeding has helped Welsh farmers

Prioritise grazed grass to reduce costs, sheep expert says

16 May 2019

An expert has given sheep farmers tips to reduce costs

Dairy farmers urged to utilise more grazed grass to cut costs

25 April 2019

There is a 'very strong link' between grass utilisation and profit

Fifty farmers sign up to major grassland research project

4 March 2019

Fifty farmers have signed up to a major grassland research project which is set to look at new technologies and techniques in grass manageme...

Lack of profitability could mean suckler beef 'disappears', union warns

13 February 2019

Northern Irish farmers have called for a drive to promote the quality of beef from suckler herds as many struggle to break even. Greater ...

Week-long initiative to champion British beef returns in April

23 January 2019

An week-long initiative which aims to champion quality, British-produced beef as part of a balanced diet will return in April. Returning ...

'Pasture for Pollinators': Welsh dairy farmers help reverse bee decline

14 December 2018

Welsh dairy farmers concerned by the plight of pollinators have sprung into action to help reverse their decline. Six dairy farmers, who ...

Changes to phosphate offtake values ‘could be justified’

22 October 2018

A lowering of the AHDB’s Nutrient Management Guide’s (RB209) phosphate offtake values for cereals “could be justified”, according to result...

Anglesey dairy farmer wins Grassland Farmer of the Year 2018

17 October 2018

A dairy farmer from Anglesey has won the British Grassland Society Farmer of the Year competition for 2018. Richard Rogers of Tre Ifan Fa...

Farms needed for new project with aim to improve grassland management

5 September 2018

Beef and sheep farms are needed for a new project which will help farmers across Britain improve management of their grassland. Improving...

Festuloliums remain 'green and healthy' while grassland suffers in heatwave

25 July 2018

Grassland is suffering badly in the summer drought, leaving many livestock producers without forage – but festuloliums are proving their wor...

Welsh hay and silage crop affected by ongoing heatwave

5 July 2018

The lack of rain and sustained heat in Wales has led to slow grass growth, affecting hay and silage yields. Welsh farmers have had to dea...

12 new varieties added to the Recommended Grass & Clover Lists

18 May 2018

Farmers wanting to improve their grassland can now choose from 11 new varieties of ryegrass and one white clover variety when planning for r...