Grassland news around the UK

19 November 2021

New one-to-one guidance aims to improve grazing strategies

4 November 2021

British Grassland Society delivers new advice

Farmer sees benefits of taking different approach to grazing

29 October 2021

Young farmer undertakes Prosper from Pasture

Importance of grasslands highlighted ahead of COP26

7 October 2021

Sheep farmers outline benefits of grasslands

Better payback from liming as fertiliser prices soar

5 October 2021

Liming grassland could offer greater financial benefits

EU beef farming to go greener by following UK best practice

24 September 2021

UK in 'ideal position' to help Europe

Benefits and pitfalls of clover overseeding examined on farm

23 September 2021

'If it's not 20% clover, it’s not doing the job'

Trial shows small grass yield drop from cutting nitrogen usage

20 September 2021

Grass yield penalty of just 5% during trial

New project to research benefits of grazing system

27 August 2021

Study will look at different grazing systems

Yorkshire farmers' grassland fungi project gets underway

24 August 2021

National Trust project will study rare fungi

Grass now growing at rate expected after cold weather

4 June 2021

Warmer weather brings relief for farmers

Grazed grasslands 'play big role' in UK's net zero goals

27 April 2021

Sheep farmers welcomed Natural England's findings

Time to start planning the grass silage

22 April 2021

It's time to plan detail, experts at BIO-SIL say

Triennial event Grassland UK cancelled due to restrictions

26 February 2021

The show won't be taking place until 2024

100% Pasture for Life status awarded to Fife farm

8 February 2021

Farmer adapted her system to 100% forage-based

Latest research 'shows clear path' to upping grass yields

26 January 2021

Gains of over 20% in grass yields seen across UK

Grazing livestock on winter cereals could help aid soil biology

18 January 2021

Trial results from a mixed farm enterprise in Angus

All things grass to come under spotlight at virtual event

18 January 2021

Chewing the cud at rotational grazing event

Farm extends grazing season with better grassland management

3 December 2020

Welsh beef farm improves management

Shropshire grassland farm available to let on 7-year FBT

24 November 2020

230-acre farm is available on a fixed term FBT

Paddock grazing helps farm capture two thirds of milk from forage

11 November 2020

Welsh farm improves grassland management

Rotational grazing boosts grass quality without need to reseed

26 October 2020

Organic farm getting more performance from grass

Measuring grass helps farmer boost animal performance

18 September 2020

GrassCheckGB programme helps Scottish farmer

Hill farm aims to boost soil carbon levels by 1% annually

17 September 2020

Farm unlocks production potential of grassland

Dairy farm to cut annual fertiliser nitrogen input costs by £40k

6 August 2020

Grassland farmers to reduce nitrogen input

Paddock grazing helps utilise grass growth during drought

31 July 2020

Paddock grazing helps Scots farming couple

Invasive rushes 'spreading' in upland farms, scientists say

10 June 2020

Rushes 'threaten' livelihoods of hill farmers

Impact of dry weather felt on Welsh livestock farms

29 May 2020

Dry weather impacting grass growth

Project looks at how electrophysical weeding can cut chemical use

10 January 2020

Dairy farmers take part in new project

Yorkshire farmer wins national Excellence in Farming award

25 November 2019

He has been praised for his grass management

Controlling docks could improve grass dry matter by over 10%

25 October 2019

Docks are a damaging weeds for grassland farms