Farmer 'devastated' after dogs kill pregnant Highland cow

(Photo: Cameron Farquharson/Facebook)
(Photo: Cameron Farquharson/Facebook)

A Dorset farming family have highlighted their 'devastation' after their pregnant Highland cow was killed by out-of-control dogs.

Cameron Farquharson, a tenant farmer who farms on National Trust land at Eggardon Hill, shared details about the horrific incident on a viral social media post.

The cow, named 'Gladys', was attacked by loose dogs, causing her death and the death of her unborn calf.

"We as a family are devastated with our loss. We only have 20 Highland cows so each one counts," Mr Farquharson told FarmingUK.

"We want to make the general public aware that letting dogs off the leash in a field with livestock can have tragic consequences.

"We cannot afford in financial terms and for mine and my children’s mental well-being to continuously deal with these distressing losses."

Dorset Police are now investigating the livestock worrying incident, which happened on Wednesday 26 May.

In January, a Lancashire farming family were left reeling after a loose dog attacked and killed their heavily pregnant Highland cow.

The latest figures available show that the cost of dog attacks on livestock increased byover 10% to £1.3 million last year as the pandemic saw a surge in people visiting the countryside.

A National Trust spokeswoman added: "We ask that people keep their dogs on leads around livestock and help us avoid livestock being hurt unnecessarily.

"They are doing an important job of keeping the Dorset countryside a beautiful conservation area."