Feed and forage news around the UK

21 October 2019

Feeding cattle biochar could reduce nitrate leaching

20 September 2019

Field lab to look at findings

New service to help farmers cut feed waste and drive profits

11 September 2019

Service cuts feed waste and boosts profit

Feed ban on maleic hydrazide-treated crops lifted

25 July 2019

Livestock feed ban lifted

ForFarmers proposes to close Crewe feed mill

4 July 2019

Around 23 jobs would be lost

Farmers may turn to 'unsustainable' animal feed if UK bioethanol ends

11 June 2019

The UK must introduce E10 'by 2020 at the least'

Yorkshire animal feed company announces £12m investment

24 May 2019

It wants to meet growing demand from local farmers

Feed company fined after man's hand 'brutally crushed'

13 May 2019

The man's hand was 'brutally crushed' following the incident

Amazon advert showing pig eating kitchen scraps raises eyebrows

18 April 2019

Swill feeding has been illegal in UK since 2001 and EU since 2002

Two-thirds of farmers experiencing shortages after 2018 drought

21 March 2019

The NFU survey shows the scale of continuing drought impacts on farmers

Beef farmers advised about the risks of straw impaction

7 March 2019

Reports of cows dying from straw impaction highlights the risks associated with feeding straw-based rations to suckler cows. Beef farmers...

Daffodils used as alternative to antibiotics in animal feed

1 March 2019

The national flower of Wales has found a new role this St David’s Day – helping scientists to better understand the value of plant extracts ...

ForFarmers to shut down Blandford feed mill as part of 'reduction plan'

19 February 2019

Feed company ForFarmers has announced its intention to close its Blandford plant as part of its £5m 'reduction plan'. The closing of the ...

Up to one third of dairy feed variable inputs lost in feed waste

7 February 2019

Research has highlighted the scale of feed waste in the dairy industry, showing that 45 percent of its potential is lost from field to cow. ...

International feed tonnage exceeds 1bn for third year in row

30 January 2019

International feed tonnage has increased by a strong 3 percent to 1.103bn metric tons of feed produced in 2018, exceeding 1bn metric tons fo...

Scottish government must tackle winter feed crisis, MSP says

25 January 2019

Urgent plans are needed to address the winter feed crisis looming in Scottish agriculture at present, an MSP has said. Production of wint...

Feeding pregnant ewes TMR boosts lamb performance at Powys farm

7 January 2019

Feeding pregnant ewes a total mixed ration for six weeks pre-lambing resulted in more lambs hitting growth targets at a Welsh farm. The H...

Warning to farmers as recent storms blow silage bales into rivers

16 November 2018

Farmers have been told to keep their silage bales safe and secure following reports of them being washed away and causing problems in rivers...

Students wanted for paid placement in pig and poultry industry

2 November 2018

The pig and poultry sectors are on the lookout for two students to complete a 12 month paid scholarship placement, with both positions start...

Beef farmers with interest in nutrition wanted for new project

31 October 2018

Beef farmers with an interest in cattle nutrition and performance have been urged to get involved in helping to shape a new project. The ...

Former feedstuff processing 'frees up' 92,000 hectares of farmland

25 October 2018

Each year some 650,000 tonnes of ‘former foodstuffs’, ranging from broken biscuits to unwanted pasta, is turned into valuable animal feed, n...

Further measures announced to help drought-hit farmers

27 September 2018

The Government has announced further measures for farmers struggling to access animal feed due to this summer's dry weather. New flexibil...

Drought-hit farmers urged to apply for Temporary Prescription Adjustment

26 September 2018

Defra has announced a list of 40 Temporary Prescription Adjustments where it is willing to adjust requirements in ways designed to ease shor...

'There is no silver bullet': Meeting attempts to find solutions to feed and fodder shortfall

4 August 2018

Scottish farmers have used a meeting to identify solutions to the feed and fodder shortfalls this autumn and winter. In an exceptional ye...

12 new varieties added to the Recommended Grass & Clover Lists

18 May 2018

Farmers wanting to improve their grassland can now choose from 11 new varieties of ryegrass and one white clover variety when planning for r...

Feed company invests £2m in plant to drive efficiency

10 May 2018

A national supplier of ruminant animal feed has invested £2m in its Cheshire based plant, increasing production from 26 tonnes to 44 tonnes ...

'Major win' for UK pig farmers as EU drops plan for drastic copper reductions

10 May 2018

The European Commission has dropped plans for a drastic reduction in permitted copper levels in piglet feed, with the UK pig industry callin...

Farmers support lifting ban on feeding pigs with leftovers, research shows

26 April 2018

New research has shown that over 75% of pig farmers and agricultural professionals support overturning the current ban on feeding leftovers ...

Rising demand for organic feed presents opportunities for arable farming

20 April 2018

The demand for organic animal feed is increasing, with a new report revealing that demand significantly outstrips supply. The Soil Associ...

Bill Wiggin MP is new chairman of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

11 April 2018

Bill Wiggin MP has been appointed the new chairman of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA). The position, which is not remunerate...

NFU launches Fodder Bank as farmers face increasing shortages due to weather

11 April 2018

The NFU is relaunching its Fodder Bank after wet weather has seen farmers in many parts of the country experience extreme shortages. The ...