Other livestock news around the UK

24 November 2020

'Well-known' Scottish deer farm on market

8 July 2019

The 'highly-regarded' estate consists of nearly 1,000ac

New welfare audit launched for UK game farms

28 June 2019

Welfare measures have been added to the audit

Farming family diversify into goat meat as demand increases

26 April 2019

Goat meat makes up around 60% of the red meat consumed worldwide

'Off the grid' Devon farm UK first to offer 'alpaca yoga'

11 February 2019

An 'off the grid' farm in the Devon countryside has become the UK's first business to offer customers 'alpaca yoga'. Rosebud Alpacas, a s...

Vets call for anaesthesia use for pain management during goat disbudding

3 September 2018

The veterinary industry has called for anaesthesia to be used for pain management during goat disbudding in a bid to end "unnecessary suffer...

Goat farmer from Monmouthshire awarded Wales Woman Farmer of the Year

27 July 2018

A goat farmer from Monmouthshire has been announced the Wales Woman Farmer of the Year for her contribution to raising the profile of women ...

Not-for-profit food business aims to put game on public's plates

11 July 2018

A new not-for-profit food business is aiming to turn the UK into a nation of year-round game eaters, insisting the meat is low fat and free ...

Chicken keeper recommends one thing to novice keepers - install electric fencing

28 March 2018

An alpaca and chicken keeper has recommended only one thing to the novice rural poultry keeper - to install Electric Poultry Netting, becaus...

Scottish wild venison may get EU recognition as a protected food

14 March 2018

Scottish wild venison may get EU recognition as a protected food as the UK government sends an application for PGI status. Scottish wild ...

Alpaca blood donation event brings BBC Countryfile to Derby

23 February 2018

A veterinary company has held its first ever alpaca blood donation event for local farmers, bringing BBC Countryfile TV crews to Derby to do...

Eight sheep dead and one alpaca injured due to dog attack in Wales

15 February 2018

Eight sheep have died and one alpaca injured following a dog attack on livestock in north Wales yesterday. The attack happened on a farm ...

Dogs loose from hunt 'terrorise the hell' out of alpacas on farm

7 February 2018

A Hertfordshire alpaca farm had to go into "shutdown" after a local hunt lost control of its dogs. A large pack of dogs ran loose and cau...

Fly-grazing in Wales down 83 percent between 2012 to 2016

5 February 2018

There has been a significant reduction in the number of horses being actively fly-grazed in Wales following the implementation of a law desi...

'Absolutely devastating': Arla's goat milk suppliers given contract termination

17 January 2018

All of Arla's goat milk suppliers have been handed notice of contract termination, including some suppliers of Abergavenny Fine Foods. In...

Farmers 'heartbroken' after finding three alpacas beaten to death

15 January 2018

A Buckinghamshire farm has said they are "heartbroken and devastated" after three of their alpacas were found beaten to death. The RSPCA ...

Farmer takes to social media in bid to catch his escaped buffalo

13 December 2017

A farmer has issued a plea on social media to find a water buffalo which got "spooked" and left the farm. The animal, which has been on t...

Farmers question credibility of proposals to ban live exports post-Brexit

8 December 2017

Farmers have challenged the credibility of proposals to ban the live export of livestock from the UK following Brexit. The subject of ban...

Antibiotic taskforce announces new targets to reduce use in livestock

27 October 2017

Targets for further reducing, refining or replacing antibiotic use across the key livestock sectors have been announced. It follows news ...

Vets highlight flood risk to livestock welfare following Storm Aileen

15 September 2017

The UK’s veterinary body has highlighted the impact flooding could have on small holders and farmers following the UK's first storm of the s...

Farmer's rescued-Shetland pony killed in 'barbaric' attack

23 August 2017

A farmer has had her nine Shetland ponies stabbed in a "barbaric" attack in the late hours of the evening - with one dying from a suspected ...

Red deer farmer to supply antlers to Chinese medicine market

16 August 2017

Scottish venison producers are to supply the Chinese medicine market with a shipment of red deer antlers. An important shipment of Scotti...

Scottish farmers told of 'rewarding opportunities' in deer farming

15 May 2017

Scottish farmers are being told to be more alert to the opportunities of investing in deer farming as a suitable enterprise to complement st...

Plan launched to eradicate destructive sheep plague causing 'major losses' to world's poorest

28 October 2016

The ground has been broken on a major international initiative to rid the world of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR). Also known as sheep ...

Game meat project launched to increase value to Welsh economy by 2020

17 October 2016

Game meat is now the focus of an innovative project which will see it being brought to the forefront for consumers in Wales. Game meat, s...

24-year-old farmer Danielle ploughs a straight furrow to her ideal job

13 October 2016

Handling heavy horses that can weigh over 2000 pounds and stand 17 hands, or six feet, tall is just one of many skills that Danielle Chatten...

Welsh Livestock Champion Award launched

12 October 2016

NFU Cymru is launching its annual award to find the best livestock person working within the agricultural industry in Wales, with the award ...

2016 Smithfield Festival appeals to all sectors

7 October 2016

With a wide range of technical seminars, trade stands, top class livestock and free entrance, this year’s Smithfield Festival on the 15 and ...

Trade and marketing focus for AHDB Beef & Lamb seminar

29 September 2016

Opportunities for beef and lamb in a post-Brexit landscape will be addressed at the 2016 AHDB Beef & Lamb Stakeholder Seminar, which will ta...

Venison boom may force UK to import more than double current levels as deer-farms struggle

17 September 2016

If market trends continue the UK will be importing more than double the amount of venison it does now in 5 years time, according to the Scot...

Alpaca business grows thanks to seven-figure funding from Clydesdale Bank

8 August 2016

A Buckinghamshire couple are set to grow their innovative alpaca farm business thanks to seven-figure funding support from Clydesdale Bank. ...