Bees and beekeeping news around the UK

8 November 2021

Legumes enhance yields while protecting bees, study says

4 October 2021

Targeted use of mixed legumes protects pollinators

Farmers encouraged to take action to care for bees

12 July 2021

Bees' Needs Week urges farmers to do their bit

Boosting bees a top priority for Suffolk pig farm

1 June 2021

Hayward’s grow blocks of nectar rich wildflowers

M&S to introduce 30 million bees on farms

12 April 2021

28 farms will welcome millions of pollinators

Twelve farmers hailed by Defra for bee-boosting efforts

24 November 2020

Farmers created 80ha of bee-friendly habitat

Campaign champions farmers' work in boosting bees

13 July 2020

Week-long initiative looks at farmers' efforts

Campaign to help farmers boost bees raises £75,000

8 July 2020

It follows a year of fundraising

Pig farmers feed one million bees in wildlife project

25 June 2020

Brothers turned half their land to wildflowers

Bees could thrive if agri-environment schemes improve, study finds

18 February 2020

Call for policy makers to protect pollinators

Trial shows 'superfood' for bees increases crop yield

21 October 2019

The sweet formula could make bees stronger

Free range egg producers see bee numbers boost

12 August 2019

The scheme covers 57 acres

Five dairy farmers launch project to boost pollinators

30 May 2019

The trial will initially involve five farmers

Farmers pitch ideas to improve biodiversity as part of £100k fund

8 April 2019

The highest scoring applicants will receive funds to support their projects

Inquiry looks at threat to UK from non-native invasive species

5 April 2019

Farming and horticultural sectors are among areas affected by invasive species

Wildlife-friendly farming leads to increase in key bee species

28 March 2019

Increase in bee species responsible for pollinating flowering crops

MP warns of ‘unintended consequences’ of EU crackdown on pesticides

22 February 2019

An MP has warned that an EU crackdown on a commonly-used pesticide may have “unintended consequences” for farmers. Conservative MP for Go...

'Pasture for Pollinators': Welsh dairy farmers help reverse bee decline

14 December 2018

Welsh dairy farmers concerned by the plight of pollinators have sprung into action to help reverse their decline. Six dairy farmers, who ...

Farmers to play big role in new bee-friendly initiatives

25 October 2018

A £60,000 fund has been announced to develop and test pollinator habitat mapping, and farmers will play a major role in spearheading new bee...

Defra approves sale of Sequoia for use only in greenhouses

11 October 2018

The Government has approved the sale of the insecticide Sequoia following a request from Dow AgroSciences. The pest control product will ...

Bumblebees acquire taste for pesticide-laced food, study shows

30 August 2018

Bumblebees acquire a taste for pesticide-laced food as they become more exposed to it, a behaviour showing possible symptoms of addiction. ...

Farm reverts back to 1940's farming methods and sees wildlife boost

30 August 2018

A farm which has reverted back to traditional 1940's farming methods has boosted wildlife numbers by more than 300 percent. 111 acres of ...

Beekeeper offers local farmers free flower seeds in move to encourage bees

18 July 2018

A Lincolnshire beekeeper is offering local farmers free flower seeds as part of his campaign to halt the decline of the British honeybee. ...

Farmers create 1,000 miles of hedgerows to support environment

19 June 2018

Farmers are laying a network of "bee roads" throughout the UK to support pollinators and promote bio-diversity. Farmers who supply the Co...

Two farming brothers aim to feed one million bees

14 May 2018

Two Suffolk farming brothers are aiming to feed a million bumblebees this year to help reverse the decline in these vital pollinators. Ma...

Crop scientists say neonics ban will affect yields and push prices up

3 May 2018

Crop experts have spoken of their concerns that the recent ban on all outdoor uses of three key neonicotinoids will affect yields and push c...

EU votes in favour to enforce near-total ban on neonicotinoids

27 April 2018

EU member states have voted for proposals to enforce an almost-complete ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides across the EU. On Fr...

Bee enzymes may hold key to new bee-friendly insecticides

23 March 2018

Two bee enzymes could open up the opportunity to design bee-friendly insecticides, according to new research. The enzymes, one in the hon...

Neonicotinoid risk to bees confirmed in new EFSA assessment

28 February 2018

Most uses of neonicotinoid pesticides represent a risk to wild bees and honeybees, according to assessments published today by the EFSA. ...

'Biggest theft': One million bees stolen from farmer's field in Oxfordshire

28 February 2018

One million bees have been stolen from a farmer's field in Oxfordshire, with the owners saying it is the "biggest theft" they have ever hear...

New simplified Countryside Stewardship open for 2018 applications

15 January 2018

A more simplified Countryside Stewardship scheme has opened for 2018 application packs, after farmers complained the scheme is 'too complica...